Top Gear Fishing Charters Gold Coast

Captain Brian

With over 40 years’ experience with all types of Fishing, in all sorts of countries, I have a wealth of knowledge to share, whether you are a beginner, a seasoned veteran, or have a physical problem, my crew and I are here to help you.

​With a maximum of 12 people onboard, there is always plenty of room on our Gold Coast Fishing Charters. We supply modern gear, fresh bait and up to date electronics, with roll down side curtains to keep you dry and to maximise and safely enjoy your day out.

Capt. Brian Gills

Call us and let's go Fishing!

Top Gear Fishing Charter Vessel Berjun

Berjun is an award winning, Australian, purpose-built, stable, Randell fishing boat, with an ultra-reliable Caterpillar V8, 3208 Diesel to get us where we need to go, whether we are in close, or out wide in the deep stuff, perfect for Fishing the Gold Coast. If it’s not a Cat, it’s a Dog. We also restrict our numbers to 12 so you are not packed in like sardines like some boats around. We also have plenty of undercover seating, very dry boat with roll down sides and Carpeted decks for comfort and safety.

Call us and let's go Fishing!

Not like some boats. All our fish are cleaned and Iced for your convenience, and to maintain that prime quality.

Top Gear Fishing Charters fish for species such as, Snapper, Flathead, Cobia, Kingfish, Jewfish, Tailor, Grassy Sweetlip, Wrasse, Trag Jew, Marlin, Spanish, Spotty, School Mackerel, Tuna, and lot’s more top table fish, some fish are seasonal, we can advise you on this when you ring, and yes, we can help you with our favourite recipes. We are serious about Quality.

Call us and let's go Fishing!

Our Gold Coast Fishing Charters are about having fun

Kids, Girls, First timers or getting a bit older, no problems, we go out of our way to help you, Left handers, yes you are catered for and we are Wheelchair friendly.
Yes we do have a clean toilet, and valuables are secure in our Wheelhouse.

​A photo while driving, aye aye Captain, we encourage participation, laughter, and an all round good time.

Call us and let's go Fishing!

We Cater for Disabled and Impaired

Handicapped, we don’t believe in the word, most other companies do not allow people with physical problems on board, we encourage it.

You may notice a side door in the photo’s, this is for ease of boarding, and Wheelchair access, I have had blind people behind the Helm “Steering Wheel” having a ball!

If you have a handicap, please contact us and I am sure we can accommodate you to join in the fun, or bring your mates and have a competition. Carers and friends welcome.

Call us and let's go Fishing!