Fishing Gold Coast We encourage kids with their fishing.

Here at Fishing Gold We encourage kids with their fishing, we still remember when we were kids ‘long time ago” but we remember the excitement and the thrill of trying to sleep the night before, the journey, then the excitement of actually catching a fish.

We unashamedly devote extra time and effort to help the kids catch a fish because, this is a memory that will last for ever.


So drag those kids away from that computer and take them fishing, even if it is on the beach, doesn’t matter, just getting them out there is the most important education in life. The reason we have evolved is because we were hunters and there is nothing wrong with that, a lot of us recognise it as being natural not to mention the bonding time with your kids and the health benefits for everyone and the wildlife, Dolphins and Whales, so remember this, :LET’S GO FISHING”

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