From the crew at Top Gear Fishing

Here at Top Gear Fishing Charters we are happy, happy, happy, the rain has stopped, the flooding is over, the rivers, canals and mangroves are flushed out and the ocean is settling down to a consistent colour and salinity again. We are starting to see some good fish caught on the inner grounds with a mixture of Mackerel, Spanish, Spotty and Tuna making a comeback, also bottom fishing is improving with Snapper, Trag, Pearlie’s, Blue Spot Flatties and Maori Cod etc back on the chew. There is lots of action out wide as well with plenty of Black and Stripey Marlin on the bite with a scattering of Wahoo and Tuna happening as well. We will still get some more rain, it is the wet season and the Farmers are loving it and the Fishing is not affected, keep your fingers crossed the winds keep low and from the South East, why the South East? This is the wind that brings the Deep Blue warm water we need for the Pelagics, or big bities, to hang around and give us those stories we love to tell. From the crew at Top Gear Fishing “LET’S GO FISHING”.

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