Gold Coast Fishing Charters

Here at Fishing Gold Coast Fishing Charters FGC, we believe in using the best gear available. Overhead rods are designed with power and strength in to pull those bigger fish up from the depths but still be sensitive enough to feel the lightest of bites. Especially when teamed up with a quality reel. Overhead rods are often used when fishing from boats and are designed with the reel on top of the rod with the guides placed fairly close together so as to not let the line touch the rod blank. There are a range of sizes from 1.5 mt to 2.5 mt in length and depending on the depth of water and fish species being targeted the taper of the rod will vary either slow, medium or fast with the lighter the tip equals more feel. We have a number of light tip rods available.


Overhead fishing rods are specifically designed for ease of use and standing up to a fight by bigger fish as well as a light feel for the smaller bites.. They are usually built to a better standard with oversized grips and powerful butt sections which also provide fish stopping power when you are needing it most. Overhead fishing rods are designed to use more robust reels with a large line capacity and withstand serious battles with any of our target species and ensure an advantage with bigger fish. Here at FGC Fishing Charters, we like to ensure and maximise the your chances of landing that Trophy fish by using the best gear available, we use Penn and Shimano Reels and Rods and are now using Ugly Stick rods on some of our setups with excellent results. Our boat is set up to make Fishing as simple as possible We are more than happy to provide help and tuition with helpful tips learnt from a lifetime of Fishing. So happy hunting and remember if looking for the best Gold Coast Fishing Charters, look no further than Fishing Gold or Fish GC and remember, “Let’s Go Fishing”

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