Helping Fish Survive

Helping Fish Survive
Here at Fishing Gold Coast, Fish GC.
We are passionate about our Fishing and conserving fish stocks for future generations. The Government have proposed a one month shut down on Snapper and Pearl Perch, this is our predominant target and catch species.

You cannot fish the Winter months without catching these two species. These fish will have to be thrown back between 15th July and 15th August. A lot of these fish will suffer what we call Barotrauma, it is when a fish becomes inflated with air from winding up from any reasonable depth, this trapped air needs to be released, otherwise the fish will float on the surface with no chance of diving back to the safety of its safe environment, the ocean floor.

Here at Fishing Gold Coast, we practice a method of air extraction using a clean Hypodermic needle behind the Dorsal fin and lower Stomach, with practice you can actually hear the air escaping. We do this with all undersize fish, not all will survive but, a large number do ensuring fishing in the future, another important step is to remove the Hook properly and try not to cause damage to their Jaw or any other part that may be hooked, don’t rip and tear, a little extra time can ensure their survival.

Here at Fish GC, we love catching big fish and helping you hook that Personal Best but we are serious about survival and care of any Fish that don’t make the mark.
You to can learn and use these simple techniques, the Chemist will supply the Syringes, ask for the Government subsidised ones, $2 and do your bit for our Children and the future of Fishing.


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