Marlin feeding on the hooked Snapper!

Something is going on, here at Fishing Gold Coast, we have been seeing a trend in fish activity. A couple of trips out wide lately has produced not only Snapper but also Marlin feeding on the hooked Snapper, this includes Blacks and Stripeys. Now this is the middle of winter, we are also catching nice Grassy Sweetlip over 50cm, a juvenile Coral Trout, Red Emperor starting to reach legal size and Jewfish migrating to the inner reefs. I have also noticed an upsweep in the more exotic Wrasse, there are also more reports of Barramundi being caught in the canals. A thought to ponder on, they say warmer water is responsible for Coral bleaching, well how come places like Papua New Guinea where the water temperature is very warm, trust me I have lived there, the Coral is thriving.

Remember these words, ‘Let’s Go Fishing’

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