Saltwater fish do not like freshwater

Wow, what a few weeks, the drought has definitely broken in our area with record falls and widespread flooding, not good for fishing, yet. I have had a few people upset because I cancelled trips and have still cancelled this weekend. Please be aware that we do not cancel because we have something better to do, it is either for your safety, or as in Sunday, Monday, there will be so much freshwater the fish will be no where to be seen. Saltwater fish do not like freshwater and will head deep to escape it, if you are near a Marina or jetty, throw some bread in the water and ask yourself, where have all the Bream gone? To the salty water, that’s where. I could take you out and apologize for not catching fish or I can delay or reschedule your trip and increase your chances of catching by 100% There are companies who will take your money for nothing, but, at we have a conscience and love to provide the best service available, and 40 years experience, so please believe us when we say, I don’t think it’s going to be real good out there, we are looking out for you.
From the team at Top Gear, ” Let’s Go Fishishing”

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