School Holidays

Yes, they are upon us again, instead of trepidation, why not use it for bonding and valuable family time. Here at Fishing Gold Coast, we have had children of our own and know all about how fast time gets away and how soon they become adults. My crew Billy and I, Captain Brian, are blessed with great kids, or should I say adults, and we truly believe that spending time with them is one of the greatest assets you can provide. In this fast moving world we now live in, it can be hard to set aside that time and with the price of everything, we all suffer from those budget blues, But and I repeat “But”, can we really put a price on something our kids will remember forever. Do you remember that first Fish or the first Fishing trip out on a real boat, we do. These are memories that cannot be replicated and has nothing to do with Gender or ability, everybody can catch that First Fish, even Grownups, at Fishing Gold Coast we love that look, that smile and pride when they reel in that fish, it is one of those basic instincts that is in all of us. We spent a lot of time making our vessel into what we believe, the best and easiest boat to fish from with lots of room and limited numbers so you’re not crammed like sardines, we also love to help people with many years of experience, top gear and a great sense of humour, do yourself a favour and book with us at or ring us for any questions at Ph 0404115535, and remember.

“Let’s Go Fishing”

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