Top Gear Charters

Here at Top Gear Fishing Charters we pride ourselves on using Top Gear and operating in Top Gear. We proudly use Penn Reels and Rods, Shimano Reels and Rods and Okuma Reels and Rods, these are considered amongst the Best Gear available, not to mention competition grade fishing line.


With over 40 years in the game, I came to the conclusion many years ago that quality is the only way to go, If you want to catch the good fish and land the good fish, this goes with the boat as well, some companies like to cram as many people onboard as possible, or fish the same spot all the time anchoring up on the same piece of reef every day at Top Gear Fishing Charters this doesn’t happen. we pride ourselves on the customer having a great day out!


So give us a call for the Fishing Charter experience of a lifetime, and lets go fishing!

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