Top Gear Fishing Charters, nothing makes us happier than seeing you!

Here at Top Gear Fishing Charters, nothing makes us happier than seeing you, the passengers catching fish. We have a few things we need to explain, Fishing is not just dropping a baited hook into the water and waiting for that trophy fish to jump on, we give the Fishing brief at the beginning of the day for a reason. We are out there nearly every day and have many years experience, I have fished in many different countries and oceans around the world using all different methods. Please listen to what we have to say, fish don’t feed all the time and sometimes won’t bite at all, but we can minimize this by the way we put bait on the hooks, the tightness of the line when it is on the bottom and keeping the rod in our hands ‘not in in the holder’ so you can feel the bite and strike the hook home. Then the retrieval, forget about all those TV shows, you need constant pressure, then, a lot of fish are lost at the boat, we will either lift them over for you, net them or gaffe them with a sharpened hook to ensure they are not lost. So next time we are explaining to you a particular style or method, please listen as it may make the difference between catching or feeding. From the crew at Remember, “let’s Go Fishing”

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