Top Gear Fishing, Spring has Sprung

Hello Guys, Here at Top Gear, we are enjoying the warming of the Planet, at the moment we have it all, Whales, Fish and Beautiful weather with a slight nip in the air to start with then glorious sunshiney days. We have been doing well on the Snapper since the ban has been lifted, Trag Jew have been showing up in big sizes, Tuskies and Blue Spot Flatties. The Mack Tuna are around for that Wow factor but the Cobia have gone quiet. The water is warming, had reports of 22 deg, so Dolphin Fish and other pelagics should be turning up soon. The weather is still throwing us a wobbly but has settled down over the last couple of weeks. If you have had a trip postponed and I haven’t been in touch, give me a call so we can get you out there. Weekends are filling up fast, so get in and book your spot, grab some friends and book the boat. Now is the time for Fish and Whales guys, they won’t be here much longer. Take care, and remember ” Let’s Go Fishing”


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