We will teach you how to Fish

¬†Fishing is one of Australia’s favorite past times. Here at Top Gear Fishing Charters we recognize this. If you are experienced we will usually give you the back of the boat and help you only where needed. With families and our inexperienced, we will take you step by step on how to fish the right way. We do this because we enjoy it, love teaching and seeing people catch fish, especially kids, we still remember the thrill of catching our first fish and the grownups as well of course. That is why Fishing is so popular, it ignites one of our primal urges of survival and releases all those natural feel good Endones, it is a natural high and creates a permanent bond with the Family. We see this all the time and love that feeling, that’s what keeps us going. So do yourself and your family a favour, book a Fishing trip with Top Gear Fishing Charters where fishing is our life, not just our business.

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