Weather Update from Fishing Gold Coast

Well, what a week for Fishing Gold Coast, if anybody hasn’t heard we are in the midst of another weather phenomenon, Cyclone Oma started as a rain depression in North Queensland, my brother was in Port Douglas for 3 weeks with 4 kids when it started, then became a once in 200 year event in Townsville. It then headed east to give Fiji and neighbours a big hurry up, then after a leisurely cruise in the Coral Sea and a lot of foreboding weather reports from our questionable news forecasters, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story, Oma is now back on tour North again threatening all sorts of mayhem, allegedly, I know BOM has to err on the side of safety, but this sensationalism doesn’t do our business any good.


The one bright side to this is, during the previous week, some good catches of Black Marlin were reported from several boats and small number of Spanish Mackerel were caught, after a somewhat lean period, this is great news with lots of optimism and good feelings for the coming good fishing weather.


I know the crew at Fishing Gold Coast are gearing up ready for a new assault on our toothy friends and looking forward to new water. For those of you who don’t know, Northerly winds bring in colder nutrient depleted water, Southerly winds bring in warmer nutrient rich waters which translates simply to more fish. A good stir up always helps get things moving, so as we say at Fishing Gold Coast, LET’S GO FISHING.

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